Voicebox Independent Performance School is a Performance School with a Twist!…

With  Specialist Coaches each teaching their core subjects of

Singing, Drama, Dance

where the students are artistic creators developing creative writing and critical thinking while

interactively developing skills to meet the ever evolving demands of the creative industries.

A unique & bespoke model with a specialism in Singing and Performance.

Classes split by Childs age and subject, and attracts students from Hamilton, Bothwell, Blantyre,
Uddingston, Carluke, Cambuslang in South Lanarkshire as well as Airdrie,
Coatbridge & Cumbernauld in North Lanarkshire.

Our wide and varied multi genre curriculum for one and all, from

‘Rock and Pop’ to ‘Musical Theatre’,

will develop life skills, using specifics such as Singing ,Acting, and Dance as a foundation,

and will be responsive to interactive and creative ideas from students and teachers alike.

At V-I-P-S, students work to a flexible curriculum - a fresh and unique concept where classes are tailored

taking into consideration individual learning styles, levels of performance, and aims and

objectives, while being trained, guided and nurtured by experienced professionals.

At V-I-P-S, everyone is treated as a ‘VeryImportantPerson’, acknowledging that everyone

has a 'VeryIndependentPerformanceStyle.' We embrace and nurture this with enthusiasm

and encouragement, helping to developconfidence, physical awareness, communication,

articulation and musicalityas well as being educational and fun.

Workshopswill be delivered from visiting industry personnel with a wide and varied


All of this delivered in a very comfortable, safe and secure environment. 

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In an ever competitive world we move the focus to individual development and personal

success.  Where we encourage the belief that…

 ‘The only person you need to be better than is the one that you are today’


All our teachers hold fully enhanced disclosures.

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You can contact us direct via email:

info@v-i-p-s.co.uk or mobile:

07944 311049