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Mission "Sing Yourself Happy!"

Sharing vocal and performance tips, tools & techniques, skills and strategies to equip you with confidence in any performance situation, in any performance, and delivery environment. To enthuse and encourage a sense of community and gratitude through song in a variety of musical styles and languages.
VIPSChoir Overview
VIPSchoir, multi musical genre choir, under the direction of professional Vocalist and Vocal Coach Danusia "Danoosha" Zaremba is for the budding singer, actor- singer, musical performer and the professional singer alike.
VIPSchoir is open to all. There is no need to read music , just a willingness to learn and enjoy!
Starting from humble beginnings when a neighbour asked help in raising money for an overseas humanitarian trip to the developing world, Danusia organised a fundraising concert in the prestigous St Andrews in the Square, Glasgow, with all of Danusia's individual students taking part, and the “VIPSchoir” was born.


VIPSchoir is open to all age groups from the child and youth who goes to school, to the adult who sings in church choir, at Karaoke, or those that used to perform in school plays, amateur dramatics, or who have never sung before and would like to find their expression with song. All abilities are welcome with an opportunity to work in a small group environment with potential for solo performances, and in a professional capacity, if desired.

Past members have included Scottish actress Mhairi Anderson of the “Daisy Chain” and Peter Mullan's third feature as a writer and director, ”Neds” and John Bell of “A shine of Rainbows” and “The Hobbit” directed by Peter Jackson.


Public Performances

The VIPSchoir, in addition to supporting Jason Donovan in the Armadillo, Glasgow on a recent tour, have performed at a variety of weddings and other events.

Soloists from the VIPSchoir performed for one clients wedding who said

            A HUGE thank you to you and the Choir, it was perfect!  It worked really well!  The girls did you proud  and  were lovely to listen to- they were so angelic! - It just made my wedding day extra special!”

Jillian & Liam Dalzielchoir8

While another client who asked for a choir of 8 said..


           "Huge thanks to you all who made our wedding ceremony extra special..we appreciate all the months of hard effort you all put it. You were all brilliant!! We will give you a shout when we get our photos and video back.."

love from, Craig McDiarmid and Ashleigh McDiarmid xx

Now we open this opportunity up to the community!

“Being reminded how important “fun” is to health on all levels and having gratitude for the small things in life is what prompted me to create Vipschoir . The feeling of group energy, with all that “love in the room” makes it a wonderful, powerful, expressive and supportive experience for anyone! It builds confidence and self esteem that carries over into everyday well being. We cover Rock, Pop, Gospel, Blues and much more.. and you might even learn to sing in another language for that holiday Karaoke! Clients have said “It’s about gratitude, after an illness nearly stopped me in my tracks, so now I feel so blessed and thankful when I sing, that I am still here and able to  sing.My spirits are lifted and i am reminded how lucky i am! The defining difference between this and other choirs is that you are taught "how” to sing!

There is a distinctive difference with VIPSchoir and my students and it’s called “learning skills for life.” It’s much more than a sing along class! There is no need to read music..just bring a desire to feel good and have fun!

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