VIps Uniforms poster 2014

 We believe that Uniforms confirm the sense of identity and save parents the worry

about what children should wear at V-i-p-s classes. 

        In addition to being practical, uniforms help instil a sense of 'belonging' and a feeling of

        equality,being part of the team, and while Uniforms are not necessary in the first two weeks

we would recommend full uniform by week three.  

Minimal uniform requirements are:

V-i-p-s Jog Pant, V-i-p-s T-Shirt, black socks and black footwear with no logo. 

Clothing can be ordered and purchased in-house. 

Jazz trainer or Jazz shoe should be black with no logos. 

Footwear (inc socks) should be purchased independently from a supplier of your choice.   

Please ask for advice if needed when ordering uniform!

 Additional items are optional.

                                  VIPS uniform is not required for 1-1 tuition, but can be purchased if desired.


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