‘We treat everyone as the Very Important Person that they truly are!’

We encourage students to share in the responsibility of the creative process, in order to achieve praise and understand constructive positive and critical feedback at all times.  We strive to build an atmosphere where interaction and motivation is a necessity.  We want learning to become a continuing, improving, interesting and enjoyable process. 

‘After all, life and learning should be fun!’


Here are V-I-P-S, we aim to:

Raise Self Esteem

Develop Confidence

Develop Unique Activities

Offer an artistically stimulating environment

Be continually innovative

Aid the creative decision making process Develop student’s ability to think for themselves

Be effective educators


We will carry out these aims by:


Encouraging individuality

Welcoming teamwork

Giving students the opportunity in personal choice

Creating a multi genre approach to performing

Encouraging participating in specialist workshops

Reflecting critically

Promoting creativity



All our teachers hold fully enhanced disclosures.

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You can contact us direct via email:

info@v-i-p-s.co.uk or mobile:

07944 311049