V-I-P-S  launched in 2012 by Danusia ‘Danoosha’ Zaremba.

 After over 30 years of professional performance experience (performing as a vocalist with Hue & Cry, Deacon Blue, Elaine C Smith, China Crisis and many others) and 12 years of teaching upto degree level, both on a one-to-one and with a variety of theatre and rock schools, all of which were ran to a very different model.  Danusia, who was born and raised in Lanarkshire, Scotland, identified a gap in the market and so developed VIPS - A Performance School  with a Specialism in Singing!

 At V-I-P-S, students work to a structured but flexible curriculum - a fresh concept where classes are tailored taking into consideration individual learning styles, levels of performance, and aims and objectives.

 V-I-P-S aims to incorporate the diversity of the creative industries into teaching programme. Using the foundations of singing, dancing and acting, students are given the opportunity to suggest materials for future classes and projects; choreograph new dance pieces, co-write original songs and participate in video production, all the while being trained, guided and nurtured by experienced professionals. Full musicality is supported and encouraged. VIPS provide parents with an annual report to monitor their child’s progress.

In addition, V-I-P-S works to develop important life skills, such as confidence, creativity and communication. At V-I-P-S we strive to build an atmosphere where interaction and motivation is a necessity so that learning becomes a continuing, improving, interesting and enjoyable process.

After all, “life and learning should be fun!”


All our teachers hold fully enhanced disclosures.

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You can contact us direct via email:

info@v-i-p-s.co.uk or mobile:

07944 311049